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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I did the unquilting on the hillside housing. It was a bear. I love my Janome 6600, but when you use the thread cutter, it makes a nice little knot that is very difficult to remove. I found some Superior variegate blue thread in lighter colors. I also bought some new batting, I am running low. It was 25% off at Fabric Depot today.

I went down to the studio to quilt it and rethreaded every thing. I still had snarls. I cleaned out the bobbin case and changed the needle. I still had snarls. I have been using the Superior prewound Bottomline bobbins which are heavy paper. I switched to a regular bobbin and voila! problem solved. These have been working fine for me. I love them because you can get an assortment of colors. Anyway, the quilting is finished, a couple of days later than I planned.

I am feeling better, too. Headache is gone. I wasn’t a bit grumpy today.

I have nothing to show you so I stole these photos from Steph’s blog. These will be for sale in her shop tomorrow. Aren’t they phenomenal. They are made from wool. Each petal of the pinecone is lined. I have such talented children.