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Clean Sweep

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

I got an early start in the studio today so that I could clean up to start the next project. I started by folding and sorting all of the batiks that were covering every surface. Here are my piles with some semblance of order.

Here they are in their bins and  stored in the Ikea cabinet.

After a good sweeping of the scraps on the floor, I felt ready to forge ahead. First, I had to do some grocery shopping, get in a power walk in the rain and have lunch. Then, the creative block set in. I have had this piece roaming around in my head and showing up in my doodles for weeks. It is my attempt to abstract the hillside housing of Israel.

I decided to go with a simple square in a square — actually a wonky square in a wonky square. This is what I have so far. The fabric is all fused so I will eventually overlap and seal to batting.I used bright blue with yellow for the sky because the sun shines every day in Israel! But, I think I need to vary the sizes a little more.

I am unblocked and having fun with this. I had to quit to come up and watch Top Chef. New season, great food.

And now, a little mom brag. Lisa has one of her signature patchwork pillows in the new Stitch magazine, put out by Quilting Arts.