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Working Passionately

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009


I made lots of progress on my next Twelve X 12 piece. Our theme is Passion. This is my color palette. These are all silks. I have the background done and am now working on the embellishment.

I have loved doing these challenges because I often get out of my box and try something new. This theme has been giving most of us fits. Now that I have decided on how to portray passion, I am just having fun.


I also ironed all my girly fabrics in preparation for making a quilt for my almost one year old great niece. It will be fun. I think I will start cutting tomorrow.

I had to get up early and get going this morning. Mr C was on a teleconference for 5 hours today, starting at 7 am. They took breaks, but it was a grueling day going through something he has been doing for GE. It is all Greek to me.

I walked the dogs, made coffee and headed for the Dr’s office to have fasting blood work done. I had coffee and a granola bar with me so that I wouldn’t fade away before I got home. Three hours later, I had my results on my Kaiser- Permenente web page. Total cholesterol 174 and HLD 59. Pretty good. I still have some results to come in that must take longer. Next I have to schedule the dreaded colonoscopy.

It was a great day with lots of Scooter play time and walks.