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Heat Wave

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009


We are having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave… Thank goodness for my air conditioned studio! I have not been keeping up with my project to use up my fabric and batting scraps. Tonight, I felt compelled to memorialize the weather we are having by interpreting a heat wave with fabric and thread.

We took the dogs for a walk fairly early. Mr C is doing enough better that he went for the walk with us. I felt miserable when I got home. After a cold shower, I was able to get on with the day. Mia is at art camp, so Miles came over to hang out with us. We watched the Tale of Despareaux while I packed up my Day of the Dead quilt to be shipped to Scranton, PA. I also did a major cleaning and decluttering of my computer desk and made room for my new scanner.

Tonight, we went out to have dinner in an air conditioned restaurant. I had a nice ahi tuna nicoise salad and a glass of rose wine. It was good. The heat wave is due to continue until the week-end. I wonder if I can get a meal out every night!!