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Making Progress

Monday, July 20th, 2009


The little girl quilt is all pieced and ready to be sandwiched. I was not feeling great this week-end  – had a tummy thing going on – and M & M were here so the work on the quilt was slow going. I did get out yesterday to buy flannel for the back and some pretty coordinating fabric for outside borders.

Here is the flannel fabric for the back


I was wandering the fabric aisles looking for a border fabric and since the favored color for KK’s room is purple, I picked this up and put it in my basket. I took a photo with my iPhone for posterity.


Those dang little fairies were driving me nuts so I kept looking and found this which is a coordinating fabric for one of the focus fabrics. It suited my sensibilities much better.


I have the batting cut. Tomorrow, I will baste it and do some simple quilting.  This quilt is definitely not a baby quilt. It grew larger than I had planned, but I kept finding fun fabrics in my stash and it grew like Topsy!! I am ready to get back to some mind bending art creating!!

I thought I would share our most recent purchase for Steve’s black, white and red themed office/TV room. We have looked and looked for a better, more styling ceiling fixture. We finally settled on this. We love it.


I had a great phone call tonight, just as I was stuffing my face with a forkfull of pasta! It was Kristin calling to tell me that Illuminated Aspens had arrived in Hawaii and she loves it. Maybe she will post a photo of it in its new home.