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Saturday Stuff

Saturday, July 18th, 2009


This is a cute little drawing done by Portland artist, Trish Grantham. She is a friend of my daughter, Lisa. Mia loves her work so I had her select one of Trish’s drawings. I put it in a simple clip frame for her to hang in her room. I have been buying a lot of art this year. It really feels good to support artists during the slow economy. I am running out of wall space so it seemed appropriate to buy something for Miss Mia. The camping scene is drawn on an old encyclopedia page.

I am making great progress on the little girl quilt. I have all the blocks done and have stitched five vertical rows. Then, M & M showed up! No more sewing today.


Tomorrow, I will sew those strips together and head over to Fabric Depot or Mill Ends to find a border fabric.

This morning, Mr C and I took Scooter shopping with us. We went to Home Depot and Pet Smart. We are trying to take him on short rides to get him used to the car. He really doesn’t like it. He did like wandering around the stores and meeting other dogs. Among other things, I bought some clamp light fixtures and bulbs for my new quilt photography set-up. I took a class at the SDA conference. Next, I have to figure out how to use my camera on manual.


I must quit and give full attention to the movie with sub-titles that we are watching -“I’ve Loved You So Long.” It has Kristin Scott Thomas so I didn’t expect subtitles. It is very good.