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Almost Ready

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Here are the last 3 six-inch square landscapes. One more indigo landscape and two Portland Pink Seasons.  And here are the ten of them ready to go.

I also finished eight of the batik Pearls of Wisdom pieces. I didn’t know what to do for a hanging detail for these. But, last night as I was falling asleep, I thought -ribbon! I knew that I had hand-dyed ribbon that would be perfect. As I stitched the backing to each piece, I placed ribbon at the top and stitched it in.

Now, every piece has to have a special price label with my special identification number. Mr C will help me cut and attach hanging slats for the big quilts. I need to get this finished and get ready for a guild board meeting here at my house on Monday morning. Then I will deliver my stuff and collapse!!

Hot, Hot, Hot

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

This is Lava Flow. I loved the color palette that Kristin chose for this color/colour play theme. I already had that reddish silk. I decided that this piece would need to be created from hand-dyed silks. I could never replicate the gray and taupe with dye and found that I cot a much better control by painting the silk. It was the first time I had painted silk charmeuse and it worked beautifully.

I fused undulating strips of the different colors to mimic the way lava flows down the volcano after an eruption.

Here is a detail:

I had fabric left over and by now the volcano in Iceland is wreaking havoc on the lives of folks in the path of its plume. I saw many dramatic photos online of the lava dancing and creating sparks and lightening. I decided to create a second piece which would represent the spouting lava.

I used tiny seed beads and Golden gloss medium for the sparks. I did not use the chartreuse color in this piece, but used all of the other colors. Here is a detail.

Now, I need your help. You might want to check out the other Twelve X Twelve pieces and then, let me know which one you think should go into the collection.