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Artist’s Remorse?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

The leaves are attached, and of course, I now have that sinking feeling that the leaves are not working. But, then, of course this is my vision of an aspen landscape. Tonight, at High Fiber Diet meeting, we were asked to describe our work in one or two sentences as we’d like to read in a review. I said that I distill the essence of a landscape down to a few elegant details. That is what I have tried to do here. We shall see if it is good enough to get into the Oregon SAQA show.

I pinned the leaves in place on my design wall and rearranged until I thought it looked right. I used basting glue to tack each one in place. I then machine stitched each one through the center. I didn’t care for the really floppy look of the leaves, so I used some Misty fuse to tack them down a bit more.

I am going to put a facing on this and try to get one more piece done. It will be about trees, and there may be felting involved!!