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Wonderful Weekend

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

What gorgeous weather. Great house guests!

I have been busy entertaining and enjoying the great out of doors, but I have managed to get in a little more studio time. I played with aspen trunk and leaf placement this afternoon. Everything is pinned in place. I can see that the one set of leaves is a little clumpy, might want to work on that.

Last night, we had our first party on the deck. We had the family and two of Lisa’s artist friends here for dinner. I had vegan fare of chicken seitan and mushroom kabobs and lamb kabobs for the carnivores. We also had lavash and tzatziki, roasted potatoes and couple of fabulous salads. I made blackberry/apricot puff pastry tarts for dessert with coconut bliss vanilla ice cream. Here are some photos.

Pensive Miles. So handsome!

Lisa and Pablo, her friend, Trish’s. chi.

Steph and Mia with Pablo.

And Scooter, being a good boy! He got his summer do yesterday.

Tonight we are off to our monthly Sojourners dinner. I am taking salad. Better get to it and make myself look presentable.