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Take a Deep Breath

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

It has been a whirlwind few days. Lots of up time and some down time.

We had a great time having brunch with M & M and their parents. Mia managed to consume the Farmer’s Waffle Special and a hot chocolate. I think she is a growing girl. Today, I got phone calls from Mark and Lisa. So, mother’s day was great. Mr C and Scooter gave me some awesome striped Smart Wool Socks in two different color ways.

After checking in at the show, we went to the nursery to get some plants. The sun has come back and I was itchy to do some planting. I planted my herbs in the new kitchen garden bed, but decided to wait to plant the “farm” down below. We may still have a couple of cold nights and then I think I can plant them.

In my quiet times, I have been cutting yellow aspen leaves.

I was able to get the tree fabric misty fused this afternoon before Mr C came down to do more work in my studio. I am so excited because the drywall work has done and he has started painting. I love it.

As you can see from the first photo, I cut a strip of tree fabric to see how it looks on the background. I love the background! I think the tree fabric is working, too.

Tomorrow, I have to go back to Trinity and help take down the show. That has been a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed showing my work and getting lots of questions and nice comments about it. However, my sales were very pitiful. People were not really looking at my small items. Most people were after the traditional art forms – photography, paintings, etc. The last time I was in this show, I said I would not do it again. When they asked me to be the featured artist, I thought I would give it a go again.

I did get a lead from another vendor for a newish gallery near me that she thinks would love my small wall pieces. So I am going to check on that.

My daughter Lisa had a two page spread in the SF Chronicle today, about her collecting. Click on this link to read it. Be sure to check out the slide show of photos of her home.

Today, I found out that the husband of a frequent commenter who is a  long time online friend, passed away. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and went very quickly. Christine, you are in my thoughts.