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A Creative and Fun Day

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I painted this background for an Aspen landscape piece. It is about 56 inches by 40 inches. I had so much fun doing this.

Yesterday, Mr C asked me if I could move everything out of one end of the studio so that he could start fixing the dry wall and then give the studio a fresh coat of paint. It has been a year since the office was finished. It is hard to find time when I am not busy in the studio, so we worked side by side.

And Scooter kept an eye on every thing.

After I took the cotton painting outside to dry, there was lots of paint left on the plastic so I did a monoprint on silk fabric. I put it front side down and rolled it with a brayer.

Here is a detail:

Here they are hanging on the line:

Tonight, we went to the Artists Among Us reception for the artists and volunteers. My friend, Diane, asked me to grab some stuff from my studio. She added some sewing supplies and make a really cute arrangement on the food table.

Here are a couple more shots of how the hall looks.

Notice the labyrinth on the floor?

We got to vote for viewer’s choice. The piece I voted for won. I might have to buy it. It is $450. If I buy it, you will get to see it.