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Feeling Groovy

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Yesterday, I recovered from what ever was ailing me and I was able to get all my housework done. I went to the market and picked up some special provisions for the visiting vegans. I made some bodacious hummus. Life is good when you are feeling healthy!!

This morning, Lisa and Clay took off with my car to do some shopping and to hang out with Steph and pick the kids up from school. I got down to the studio and started wrangling the big quilt with the painted background. My first quilting attempt, in a vertical direction, just didn’t work. So I ripped that out. This time, I quilted horizontally. I think that I might have done something a little more organic, but this piece is so big and heavy, this seemed like the best solution. Here is a detail:

I am making dinner for the girls and two of their artist friends who live in Portland. M & M and their parents will come also. The weather is great. We can sit on the deck. I love it. I love the light as the day is ending in the summer time.

If I am lucky, I might have time to start adding the trees and leaves tomorrow!