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More Book Crafting

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

I had the last of a three session book crafting class at Trinity tonight. I didn’t show last week’s book because it is a complicated 3-D book which requires some thought and execution of each layer before it is assembled. I will get back to it eventually.

Tonight, we did two  books. I used some of my art cloth for the cover of this square book.

The inside is a complicated fold and glue. Here is an idea of what the inside looks like. I think this will get some collaging done to the inside pages.

The other book is a cute little triangle.

You get 3 books in one as you can open up from each of the points and you have 4 pages for writing or doing something artsy.

This was lots of fun and a bit of a diversion for me.

I have been working very hard at getting the quilting and burying of threads done on the Alternate Universe piece.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will take tomorrow morning off to hand out with my friends at STASH.

I asked Steph to come over and take some new head shots for me, without glasses. Here are two that I like and will be using.

The top one was taken in front of my Autumn Aspens. I received an e-mail with the judges comments from the La Conner show about that quilt. I don’t like to enter judged shows because I think they do not understand “art” quilts.

Here are the comments about this quilt.

Best features of this quilt are:

Good choice for background. Nice machine quilting stitch. Thread choice complements overall design.

Areas which most need improvement:

Placement of the leaves does not feel natural.

That last comment tickled me and irked me, a bit. As an artist, I do not try to replicate nature exactly. I looked at many aspen photos when I was working on this. My goal was to show the variation in colors and the way aspen leaves hang in clumps. Here is an example.

Am I overreacting?

And The Winner Is

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Kristin Freeman!  I need your snail mail. Diane will mail you the DVD later this month when she receives them from Interweave.

Thank you to the 65 of you who left a comment! You still have a chance by hopping on over to one of the other participating blogs.

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October 14 Debra Gabel
October 17 Candy Glendening
October 19 Deborah Boschert
October 21 Diane Doran

On another note, today is my birthday. It will be very low key. Mr C took me to Toast for breakfast. Now, I am going back to quilting and burying threads.

I am also getting ready for my radio gig on Pat Sloan’s American Patchwork & Quilting Radio Show next Monday. I will be representing the Twelve x Twelve group and hoping I don’t embarrass them. Here is a link to listen in.