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In a Blue Mood

Monday, October 31st, 2011



…but in a good way! I finally got a batch of indigo mixed up today. I have been meaning to do it for ages. My new motto is “just do it.” I dyed a couple of items of clothing that were stained and looking drab.

I also dyed the cotton scarves that I worked on the other day. Some of my experiments came out quite well. I think some of them will go back in the pot tomorrow for a boost of color.

This morning, I had my final eye doctor check up. I have a prescription for reading glasses. I get two free pairs with the cataract surgeries. I ordered one pair today and will wait to see whether I want another pair of bifocals or just glasses for close up work.

I also went shopping for a few things for the trip to Houston — some comfy shoes and a new purse. I am getting so excited. I keep getting reports from friends who are there for Market and they say our exhibit is “freaking awesome.” Just 3 more sleeps!!