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Plans Change

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

I finished this piece and photographed it for submission to an invitational show on rituals. I was going to clean up my two spaces and get started on my next project.

I did get my studio in better shape. But, I really need to clean up my office and computer desk. It is a gigantic mess. Instead, I felted Easter eggs today.

Well, they sort of look like eggs. First, I shaped aluminum foil into an egg shape.

This was probably the beginning of my problem – not very eggy! Then you wrap it in roving and stuff it in a stocking and tie it tightly.

This is then thrown in the washing machine with a load of  stuff that is washed at a high temp and then it goes in the dryer. There are other ways to get the egg shape. Wind wool yarn into an oval shape. I had trouble doing that. I think you can use one of those plastic eggs, too. I think I will just call these colorful rocks and try again for the egg shape.

I have two more yellow 3 x 3’s.

Here is my yellow stuff, waiting to inspire me.