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A Crazy Sunday

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

We are having weird weather, sleeting, followed by sunshine, then more sleet. The day ended quite nicely, but we are expecting snow overnight. March is a difficult month in Portland. The trees turn pink, we get warm sunbreaks, but mainly we are inundated with cold rain and dark skies.

This morning, Mr C and I were on our way to Trinity. We left early because I was scheduled to help with the art class. We suddenly found ourselves in a huge traffic jam caused by  people in silly green outfits running across town in the Shamrock Race. We literally sat for an hour and barely moved. We finally got onto a street that would take us over a bridge and back home. Not a nice way to start the day!! I was really upset when I realized I had left my iPhone at home so I couldn’t let anyone at Trinity know where I was.

I did have some quality time in the studio after walking Scooter in the sleet with intermittent sunbreaks. Today’s 3 X3 represents how we felt after getting stuck in traffic! I did a redo on yesterday’s shamrock and decided it needed some rainbow seed stitching.

I got a lot of the quilting done on the wonky house piece.

I think I can get it finished tomorrow — my goal. Thanks for the comments I got on this wonky house quilt.