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Too Dang Hot

Friday, September 7th, 2012

We are having a September heat wave with winds blowing east out of the Columbia Gorge where it is always hotter. There are fires there which and the smoke is coming on the wind and making my eyes sting and I am losing my voice. It was i the high 90s and even got too hot to work in my usually cool basement studio. I had to knock off early and sit quietly and drink ice water.

We did go out tonight for dinner and went to a first Friday event in Sellwood. It just made my itchy eyes worse.

I am making good progress on the kelp/water piece. I just need to fill in a few spots and fuse it down.

I have a busy day tomorrow. I have to be at Trinity at 9:30 to meet with the folks that are doing Sunday School. I am going to work in the art room again. Then, I have to pick up Mr C and head for Woodburn for the debut of the High Fiber Diet Elements show at the Woodburn Art Center. It is from noon to 3 pm, if you are in the area and would like to come.

Have a good week-end.