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Not Much to Show

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

It has been one of those Sundays. We are back in the routine of going to church, walking the dog, have lunch, read the paper, and so on.

I did get to the studio for a bit this afternoon to do my 3 x 3 and work on the kelp/water piece. I think I have all the bits laid out. I need to get it fused and clean up my work space. I am less efficient when every thing is a mess.

I picked some more Roma tomatoes from the garden and made a delicious pizza for dinner. I thought I could get some more work done tonight,  but I am really tired.

I need to get work ready to turn in for the Rhythm and Hues show and do some paper work for a show in Salem. It is a High fiber Diet show, but they are asking for a lot of paper work from each member. I also need to get ready for the Working in a Series workshop with Elizabeth Barton later this week.

It is good to be busy as I keep reminding myself.