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Oregon Flock and Fiber

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Yesterday was busy with more Quilt Expo hob nobbing and getting some errands done – like buying groceries, picking tomatoes and roasting them and preparing a home cooked meal. Mr C and I went back to the Expo Center at the end of the show and met Terry. With Mr C’s help, we were able to get the quilts down and ready to pack up, but whoops, they lost our boxes and specially labeled bags. So, we had to wait while someone went to Office Depot and bought us new boxes. I had special boxes for shipping the quilts. I will have to prepare some more bags for the Colorplay quilts which are going on to Australia in November.

Today, after church, I decided I wanted to make a quick trip to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest. It is an array of eye candy — colorful yarns and roving — and beautiful sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas.

A member of the Columbia Fiberarts Guild was one of the featured artists and I wanted to see her work. She is a weaver. I was disappointed that there were only a couple of pieces of hers in the gallery. Here is one.

I ran into several friends during my short visit, and I took lots of fun photos. So here we go:

A felted wall hanging.

Creative packaging!

These rugs were hooked using roving. Here is the maker.

These rugs were woven – so pretty.

I loved this indigo dyed roving and I really should have bought some.

The artisan grows her own indigo and dyes using the leaves and she also used Rit color remover and gets all these luscious colors.

Many women were spinning or knitting. There was a spinning contest going on out on the lawn.

Loved these little felted sheep.

Before I drove home, I had to visit the animals in the barn.

Apparently you do not have to shear these sheep; you just pull the wool off as it grows. It was very soft.

Tomorrow, I have to get back to my studio. I have 12 x 20 piece to get finished by Oct. 1 and I need to finish quilting the kelp. Not to mention the 3 x 3’s.