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Where Is My Groove

Thursday, February 21st, 2013



I have been moving in slow motion, getting caught up on stuff like laundry, paying bills, getting things back in order after a week away. I also had some SDA work to get caught up on. I thought I would come back and feel really  motivated to do some new art because I was dreaming up new work while I was away.

Tonight, I went down and started working on the 3 x3s again. The above photo shows the pieces I have left after I have reached 7 ft in length.


So, I have come up with another scheme for arranging them. I think that if I was more left brained, I would have had this all worked out, instead I proceed more intuitively and end up with trial and error. Stay tuned.

I finally got the pattern for Paige’s new sweater worked out and have finally done several rows without having to start over. It is difficult to see the pattern in this photo, but it is a bit complicated.


Confession – I was too busy to draw while I was away. Well, it was not a priority, should I say. So, here is my first drawing in over a week. I am running out of things to draw or else I am not imaginative enough.




So, I will continue to look for my groove tomorrow.