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A Really Good Thing

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013


My wet studio or actually, a little kitchenette, where I mix dyes and clean up printing and painting supplies, is now fairly neat and clean. This morning, you could not see the floor. The table was covered with stuff – some from Kerr Grabowski’s workshop from last June.


I did some purging and cleaning of this storage unit – a place I tend to pile stuff to deal with later.



My kitchen sink is white again! Bottles and containers are washed up. My brushes and other print/paint supplies are in containers on the counter.

There is nothing stopping me now – except getting the 3 x 3s put together. I will work on them tomorrow.

Thank you to Del and Linda for giving me some great drawing ideas. I will get back to that tomorrow. I was busy yesterday doing a marathon session of Constant Contact mailings for SDA reps. Jack and Mia and Miles came over for dinner last night. Stephanie was in Maine all week working with her 3191 partner, MAV. She flew home last night.

Tonight we went to the Symphony. It was a jam-packed fabulous and eclectic concert. The guest conductor is from Estonia and he has quite the amusing personality.  So it has been a busy, but lovely two days. I am a happy camper.