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The 3 x 3 Assemblage

Monday, February 25th, 2013



I think this orientation has much more presence than the longer version. I have 6 stragglers. Not sure how to handle them. Maybe I will have some holes in the assemblage and add more pieces to the bottom. Now I have to figure out how to stitch this together. I am thinking of just tacking the corners together so that I don’t muddle it up with too much stitching. You can click on this image to see it larger.

I dyed some silk charmeuse with Prochem’s Silk Black using Paula Burch’s recommendation of soda ash soak and batching overnight. It is a nice dark charcoal color, but not black. I think I might try a vinegar soak next time.



For my drawing exercise, I have attempted to draw a lowly baking potato, 3 different ways. First with pencil.



Second, with ink.



And then with ink and watercolor pencil.



It was the same potato – sort of looks the same. I think there is some merit in redrawing the same object.

My SDA registration duties are slowing down just as my work for Trinity Arts Artist Among Us duties are gearing up. I never run out of things to do.