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Seeing Red

Monday, December 29th, 2008

I am seeing red, but not because Lisa and I made a typo in my postcard (caught by my new editor, Dale Ann :}). We were able to catch it before it was printed and do an edit! Whew!

I am seeing red, but not because of the weather. It is in the 40s; the snow is a distant memory; we had rain with beautiful sunbreaks, today.

I am seeing red because Mr C and I bought this yesterday, and it was delivered today. Are we crazy?


It is an Italian red leather sofa, now in Mr Cs office. He was tired of the ratty old thing that was once here. He started looking online and then went out to check some at Macy’s on Saturday while Lisa and I were shopping with Miss Mia. Yesterday, he asked me to come and look at one that he liked — it was black leather. I nixed it, and then steered him toward a taupe fabric piece. While he was talking to the salesman, I wandered off into the clearance section and found this lovely. It is the same sofa as he had seen in black. He was smitten, too. They are discontinuing the red so we got it half price!! Look how nicely it goes with the rug.


Lisa left this morning. I am going to miss having her around, but maybe I can get back to work. Today, I printed some images on fabric which will be part of a collage.

I thought I would post one of our Christmas presents. Steph and Mav had some of their diptychs, from the blog and book, printed and framed. We purchased the one on the left and she gifted us with the one on the right. Don’t they look great in my kitchen.