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Loving Lutradur

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

When I had the problem with the printer fabric not arriving, I began to think of alternative ways to print large photos. Aha! Lutradur. For the uninformed, Lutradur is a spun bond web material manufactured by Pellon.  Originally created as a roofing product, its horizons expanded when some enterprising artist realized that you could use Lutradur in mixed media and fabric art.

I did some internet searches and found that some people were getting good results from painting lutradur with Golden’s new Digital Ground. I happened to have some waiting to be used.

I first did a couple of small prints of a photo of the Dome of the Rock as seen above the Wailing Wall.


Here is my first experiment with doing some enhancement with Tsukiniko Inks and then sandwiching and quilting. I also added gold foil to the dome.


Not too bad. It is a little difficult to do quilting details on a page size piece.

To do a larger piece, which was my goal, I would have to do it in slices. For my first attempt, the right side printed perfectly, but the left side jammed and screwed up my printer.


What a mess and waste of ink! Argh!

Tonight, we went out to see the new James Bond movie. I just love Daniel Craig. I think he is about the sexiest man alive. The movie was a little violent, but did not disappoint. There were only 5 or 6 people in the theater and it was snowing when we left.

I went back to work when we got home and got the printer fixed up and printed the other side, but whoops, I cut the piece a little short so the piece will not be quite as large as I envisioned. It will be about 24 X 26


Tomorrow, I will do some stitching on this. I don’t think I will enhance it with inks or paints. I bumped up the saturation. I do want to do foiling on the dome, however. I will try to trim these to an exact match and butt them up on the batting. I used felt on the small ones. I like the firm, flatness.

I may become a Lutradur convert!!