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A Gory, Yet Funny Story

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

This morning, I got out of bed and jumped into the shower. I use a color enhancing shampoo. It is red. As I was rinsing my hair, I looked down and the water coming off my head was really red and the more I rinsed, the redder it got. What the? My first thought was I had a cut on my head, but no, I had the mother of all nose bleeds. I turned off the water and grabbed one of the brand spanking clean white towels and pressed it against my nose. Dripping wet I walked out to the bedroom to summon Mr C to come to my aid. He toweled me off and still holding the towel tight against my nose, I put on my robe and got in a prone position on the bed. Mr C went for a bag of ice. I usually get one of these every winter and sometimes it takes hours to get them to stop. They are caused by extremely dry conditions combined with my sinus problems.

Fortunately, it was over fairly quickly. I went back into the bathroom, and I kid you not, it looked like someone had been attacked by an axe murderer. There was blood on the shower walls and the base, on the floor and the rugs and in my sink. We finally got it all cleaned up. I have made it through the day without another one, thanks to some petroleum jelly lining my nasal passages.

Our guest, Olivier, arrived last night, in his very classy duds and his violin. He is really a sweet guy. Mr C and I are ready to adopt him. He is the single father of a little boy. His young wife got bored and left him to go back to the city. He lives in the country north of Montreal. He is French Canadian and speaks with a lovely accent. he declared my messy studio to be a happy place!! he saw my two sewing machines set up side by side and wondered if I had them going at the same time! He has been at rehearsal most of the day. Mr C just left to pick him up.

I am getting nervous. I think my quilt on the SAQA auction may not sell. They go down to $150 tomorrow and $75 on Friday. I hope I don’t have the embarrassment of being sent to the bargain basement.

I wanted to do a piece about Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in old urns in caves. In my UFO pile, I had a quilt with urns that I started in a Robbi Eklow class. So I got it out and did the quilting on it. I love the background fabric. It is one I bought from Judy Robinson.

I need to cut and stitch the binding for the cross quilt. Then I will clean up my stuff again and start on the collage pieces.