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Baby, It IS Cold Outside

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Tonight it will be in the teens and tomorrow, it will not get above the high 20s F. We had about 4-5 inches of snow. It has been very windy so the snow is blowing and drifting. Essentially, Portland is closed. If you live in a climate where snow is de rigueur for this time of year, you probably don’t understand why most every thing is shut down.

I still can’t find a way to post photos. I have an SOS into my web guys in London. I guess I have to wait for them to start their work day tomorrow, in 2 or 3 hours. You can see what I have been up to and some views of the snow by going to my Flickr site.

Since we couldn’t get to church this morning, I took the time to clean up from the decorating frenzy of yesterday. I let Miles set up several of the nativities – Ha!! I want to set them up in a more orderly way and yet, it makes me happy to see how he did it. For now, they are staying in the manner of Miles!

This afternoon, I worked on organizing the layout for the What If piece by selecting and cutting the landscape pieces. I am going for a story book look, and I also want to give an idea of how the security wall takes over the landscape where it exists.

Hopefully, my photo issues will be resolved tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.