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Just Sitting Around…

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009


with this! I have spent a good part of the day doing straight quilting around my squares and along the seams using a purply pink variegated cotton thread. I haven’t quilted anything this big in a long time, but it is coming along.

As promise, Kristin has posted a photo of the Illuminate Aspens. My daughter, Lisa, made some birds for Kristin a while ago, using some of the same indigo fabric that Kristin gave me, that I used in her quilt. So they are hanging out together in Kristin’s living room. You can see a photo, here.

Making Progress

Monday, July 20th, 2009


The little girl quilt is all pieced and ready to be sandwiched. I was not feeling great this week-end  – had a tummy thing going on – and M & M were here so the work on the quilt was slow going. I did get out yesterday to buy flannel for the back and some pretty coordinating fabric for outside borders.

Here is the flannel fabric for the back


I was wandering the fabric aisles looking for a border fabric and since the favored color for KK’s room is purple, I picked this up and put it in my basket. I took a photo with my iPhone for posterity.


Those dang little fairies were driving me nuts so I kept looking and found this which is a coordinating fabric for one of the focus fabrics. It suited my sensibilities much better.


I have the batting cut. Tomorrow, I will baste it and do some simple quilting.  This quilt is definitely not a baby quilt. It grew larger than I had planned, but I kept finding fun fabrics in my stash and it grew like Topsy!! I am ready to get back to some mind bending art creating!!

I thought I would share our most recent purchase for Steve’s black, white and red themed office/TV room. We have looked and looked for a better, more styling ceiling fixture. We finally settled on this. We love it.


I had a great phone call tonight, just as I was stuffing my face with a forkfull of pasta! It was Kristin calling to tell me that Illuminated Aspens had arrived in Hawaii and she loves it. Maybe she will post a photo of it in its new home.

Saturday Stuff

Saturday, July 18th, 2009


This is a cute little drawing done by Portland artist, Trish Grantham. She is a friend of my daughter, Lisa. Mia loves her work so I had her select one of Trish’s drawings. I put it in a simple clip frame for her to hang in her room. I have been buying a lot of art this year. It really feels good to support artists during the slow economy. I am running out of wall space so it seemed appropriate to buy something for Miss Mia. The camping scene is drawn on an old encyclopedia page.

I am making great progress on the little girl quilt. I have all the blocks done and have stitched five vertical rows. Then, M & M showed up! No more sewing today.


Tomorrow, I will sew those strips together and head over to Fabric Depot or Mill Ends to find a border fabric.

This morning, Mr C and I took Scooter shopping with us. We went to Home Depot and Pet Smart. We are trying to take him on short rides to get him used to the car. He really doesn’t like it. He did like wandering around the stores and meeting other dogs. Among other things, I bought some clamp light fixtures and bulbs for my new quilt photography set-up. I took a class at the SDA conference. Next, I have to figure out how to use my camera on manual.


I must quit and give full attention to the movie with sub-titles that we are watching -“I’ve Loved You So Long.” It has Kristin Scott Thomas so I didn’t expect subtitles. It is very good.

Little Girl Quilt Blocks

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


When I look over at my design wall and see these feminine happy colors, it makes me smile. I am usually working with my own dyed or printed fabrics in a more sophisticated palette.

Here is a close up of some of the blocks. I have 8 more to finish. I have used cute flower prints and circles for the focus fabrics.


I keep getting distracted because I am watching the Fashion Show. So far two have shown their collections and I am quite impressed. I haven’t seen Anna’s yet, but she is my favorite.

Today, I was out doing some errands and became a little self-conscious because it seemed as if every one was looking at my chest and smiling. Oh, no wonder.

Photo 33

Just saw Anna’s work – love it. I think she has the most wearabe work. I must say that as far as seeing the work as art, they are all spectacular.


Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


Today was an ordinary day and yet extraordinary. It was a day of tackling mundane tasks and working in the studio punctuated by special events. One of those was the arrival of the piece above, made by Lizzie Berg. She is going to Africa with some kids from her church and to raise funds, you could make a donation to her church and receive one of her works of art. That was a no-brainer for me. This is disperse dyed on to polyester and then quilted on to timtex and then mounted on to the cotton and attached to stretcher bars. The photo does not do it justice. I love it.

I got the machine quilting done on the passion piece and, tonight, I started adding my special handmade embellishments. I also got all the cutting done for the little girl quilt. I love planning how fabrics will go together, mixing patterns and colors — it is one of the things I love about quilting. Tomorrow, I will start stitching.


Tonight, I got an e-mail that the above 12 x 12 piece was juried into Foto-Fiber-Fabulous which will be at Fiber Artspace in San Antonio in September. That makes me very happy.

I am just thrilled to have my energy back and to really enjoy my life again. I am missing my day with M & M this week. They have gone camping and will be home on Saturday and will show up here in the afternoon to spend the night as Mom and Dad are going to a concert.