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What a Day!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I awoke early because Mr C was taking my Lexus in for service at 7:30. I had several mundane tasks to accomplish — 3 loads of laundry, inventory for the show next week to be sent to the show computer guru, an inventory for a guild project and hopefully, some time in the studio.

I accomplished everything and managed to lose a front tooth. I am so bad about using my teeth to tear open a plastic bag — this time, my tooth disintegrated. Fortunately, I have an appointment tomorrow for cleaning and so they will give me a temporary cap until we figure out what I need to have done.

I decided to perk up some of the plainer scarves with some printing. I used a stencil  and black screenprinting ink for the rust dyed scarf, above, and the blue shibori scarf that I dyed a couple of weeks ago.

Another scarf that I did back then was also kind of boring so I did some copper printing on it.

Here is a detail. I used corrugated cardboard.

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow since I am spending the morning at the dentist.