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A Circus Date with M & M

Friday, April 16th, 2010

We took M & M to the Cirque du Soleil traveling show, Kooza. We picked them up after school and got to our seats just in time for the pre-show clowning around. I think the clowns are my favorite part of the show. Mia would get bored during the clown segments and preferred the wild acrobatics.

They got very excited as we approached the venue and they could see the tents.

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed during the show. I did get photos of the kids, munching on their treats during intermission.

While Mia was totally engaged in the whole scene, Miles was completely stoic. I was concerned that the loud sounds and flashing lights would beĀ  a problem because of his autism, but he was totally engage, even if he showed no emotions.

We stopped at Burgerville to pick up supper for them. I was anxious to get home and ice my shoulder. The Dr. is pretty sure it is a torn rotator cuff so I am doing ice and heat, alternately, wearing a sling and taking Aleve. Hoping this works. Oh, and I am not to lift any thing heavier than a coffee cup for two weeks.

I hope my new camera is not heavier than a coffee cup because I am enjoying it, very much.

These are photos of the Hawthorne Bridge, taken from the car.

An iris in the yard at dusk.

I need to get back in the studio tomorrow.