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Just Another Day in the Desert

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Every time we visit Mike and Ann in the desert, I am treated to a visual feast. One year we went to the Keye’s Ranch in Joshua Tree National Park. Two years ago, we went to see Salvation Mountain. This year it was Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Installation. You can read more about him and his art here and here.

On Sunday, Mike and Ann had a social obligation so Mr C and I drove down to Palm Springs for lunch. It was much warmer down there. We had delicious Mexican fare.


That evening, when the light was magical, we all drove up to the art installation.

Noah used a plethora of found objects to create funny and ironic installations.


You have to love this stack of school lunch trays. Maybe I should turn this into a quilt!

I loved how bright the moon was as the sun was waning.


I got some great photos for making thermofax screens. You can see all of the crazy stuff on this Flickr set.

I have had a busy day getting back into the swing of things — grocery shopping, laundry, got my hair cut, picked up M & M from school and made dinner for them and their dad. Tomorrow, I will pick up Steph at the airport. She has been in Austin doing another photo shoot.

Our LA Adventure

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The ultimate destination of our trip to California was to hear Brahms Requiem at The Disney Concert Hall. Mr c’s brother bought the tickets long ago and so we have had this trip on our agenda for quite some time. Mr C has sung this piece with a chorus in Santa Rosa with the Santa Rosa Symphony. We were both looking forward to it. He – for the music; me – for the architecture. I had seen photos of The Disney Hall, but seeing it in person was such a treat. I did not get photos inside, but there are so many interesting details with sensuous curves and more asymmetry.

Before getting to the Disney Hall, we stopped at the new Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. It was an amazing space with all of the accoutrements of a traditional cathedral. but very streamlined and modern.

There were amazing tapestries which used real people as models. They were painted on canvas and then digitized and woven into tapestries.


The background of the tapestries were composed of photos taken of ruins in Jerusalem that were then digitized. I love the muted colors of these pieces.

Our next stop was dinner at a French Restaurant. I was on my H. Pylorii meds so I couldn’t enjoy the wine, but I had a great meal and big bottle of  San Pellegrino sparkling water.

After dinner, I had plenty of time to take lots and lots of photos of the hall. I will just share a few.

I couldn’t resist a photo of the green umbrella eating area outside the hall.

It takes over 2 hours to drive to La from the desert, but we had fun talking and sharing stories coming and going. Next, I will share the fun time we had on Sunday.



Sunday, May 15th, 2011

When last I posted, we were in Santa Barbara and leaving for our next destination, Twentynine Palms, out in the high desert of CA. Mr C’s brother, Mike, and his wife, Ann, live there, and we are always assured of a good time when we visit.

This was the view as we crossed the state from the ocean to the highway to the desert. A very rugged landscape in which people have found a way to build homes and enjoy the wonderful SoCal climate.


We always know when we are getting near the desert, when the Palm Springs area windmills come into view, presenting a very alien landscape.

Ann is very involved in the development of an observatory near Joshua Tree National Park. She is the architect and has drawn up plans for future development.

For now, there are a few buildings for on-sight viewing and programs.

There is a nature walk and a meditation garden. I am so impressed with the volunteer effort and the donation of supplies and materials. One of the volunteers has constructed an orrery – a model of the solar system. Here is earth. But the size of earth in relation to the sun in the orrery is a tiny spot in the center of the metal piece. Local potters have made these lovely orbs.

We had a very exciting visit there because a desert tortoise showed. They are now rare and endangered.

There was quite a bit of spring color in the desert landscape.

Yesterday, we had a fantastic day. We drove into LA for some sightseeing, dinner and a concert at the Disney Concert Hall. More about that later. Today, Mr C and I drove into Palm Springs for lunch. Tonight, Mike and Ann took us out to an amazing art installation high up in the desert landscape. I got some great photos and will share those later. We had supper at Pappy and Harriet’s and listened to a great live band. We have had a full two days and are leaving tomorrow totally satiated with good food, good conversation and a wonderful time with friends and family. It will take us two days to get home to Scooter.

Having Fun

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Last night, we had a delightful dinner with Mark, Jayme, Lisa, Clay and the crazy Wilfredo, Lisa’s chihuahua. Here he is fixated on the tray of cheese and crackers. He loves being the center of attention.

This morning we drove south to Santa Barbara, one of my favorite places. It was another beautiful day to enjoy the California landscape.

I love California Live Oaks on the rolling hills.

There is some very rugged terrain between N and S California.

This is our hotel, right on the water with wonderful views of the harbor.

The wharf is right across the street from us so we took a stroll.

Here is the harbor with all the sailboats.

There were several beach bum entrepeneurs who had set up a contraption for tossing coins from the wharf and promising your wishes to come true.

This is a collection of woodburning art.

The amazing thing is that he used a magnifying glass and the sun to burn the wood

Here is some local color.


After our walk, we sat on the patio in the balmy air, had a drink and people watched.


Tonight, we had dinner with fellow Twelve, Karen Rips, and her husband, who live south of SB in Thousand Oaks. We had some very good Italian food and non-stop talking — so much fun.

Some Driveby Photography

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

We had  beautiful day to drive to California, yesterday. That splotch is a bug smush on the windshield! The Scotch Broom and spring green leaves made the landscape bright and cheery.


Trees for a thermofax screen.

I love the sculptural quality of the hills in California. They turn a golden color in the summer.


You can see all my photo on Flickr – link in my sidebar.

I am feeling much better after one day on the meds. We are about to go out and enjoy a day in San Francisco and a BBQ with our SF peeps tonight.