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SAQA Auction Coming Up

Monday, August 15th, 2011


I discovered a WordPress blog app and it seems to be pretty good for me.

The SAQA auction is coming up in September. I thought I would show you my collection of quilts purchased from the auction. I have six. I took the photos in low light in my living room with the iPad so the quality is what it is!! The top piece is by Natalya Aikens, second is by Cathy Kleeman and the bottom is by Diane Wright. They hang in a narrow space on the side of huge windows. Here is the other side.


The top piece is by Sue Dennis, second by Virginia Spiegel and the bottom is by Elizabeth Fram. I do not know how to do links from the iPad – whoops!

Here is the long view of where I have them hanging. I have room for a couple more.


I am all packed and ready to leave on a jet plane in the morning.