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Sneak Peek

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Here is a sneak peek at what I am working on today. It is a piece with California Poppies. I need more yellow in the poppies so I tried paint — fail!

You can’t even tell that I added paint to the one on the right. This is silk charmeuse that is already fused which makes it difficult.

I have decided that I will add the yellow and do the leaves with thread painting.

It was an unexpected nice day around here. No rain and not too cold and a bit of sunshine. Fall color is taking its time this year. I took these photos this morning on our walk. The color is beginning to pop here and there.


Hope you are having a nice week-end, wherever you are.

Found Art

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

I took this photo of some graffiti on my walk today. It has potential, don’t you think?

It is about all I have to offer in the way of visual entertainment tonight. I spent most of the day doing housekeeping on my computers. I downloaded MacKeeper and put it to work. I found lots of duplicate files, especially on my laptop because of backing up stuff when the last laptop was stolen. Both computers are much faster, now.

I also went to the Art Media which is closest to me. It is closing at the end of the week so there was a big sale on stuff. I got some gallery wrapped frames, Dynaflow paint, brushes and Gesso. They gave me a bunch of free samples of Golden’s digital ground. I will miss that store. The other two stores will become Dick Blick stores as of Monday and then a big Dick Blick Superstore is opening in the Pearl in January. That is over the river and difficult parking for me, but I can’t wait.

Tonight, I have been doing SDA database work and watching Project Runway. I can’t believe how in love the judges are with Anya. In my opinion, she should not be showing at fashion week.

Two weeks from today, I will be in Houston at IQF with 8 of the other Twelves. I am getting so excited.  I need to get busy cause I have some stuff to finish up  before I go go!!


Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Today was a wonderful day. It was warm and sunny. I made delicious food in my kitchen. I played in my studio. I hung out with fiber artists tonight. I was alive. I am grateful for the life I have and that I survived my latest medical episode.

Some time ago, I made this piece that was not that successful.

I decided to isolate some areas to see if I could make some smaller pieces out of it. So that is what the first photo is – an 8 x 8 section of the quilt mounted on a cradle board. I love it. The fun thing is you can turn it in any direction and it looks good.

If you missed my interview with Pat Sloan yesterday (done in a somewhat feverish stupor), you can still give it a listen by clicking on the link in my sidebar.

A Night in the ER

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

I did not have a virus. By last night, I realized that my left arm was swollen and red and my temp was going up and up, no matter what I did. I had a recurrence of cellulitis in my lymphedema arm. I have had this problem off and on since my first breast cancer when I had lymph nodes removed from that arm.

It has been a while since I had a problem. I am not sure what caused it this time. I do know that it is nothing to mess with. I need to get antibiotics asap.

I got to the ER at 8:30. The ER on a Saturday night is a surreal place. I was low priority so it was 9:30 before I got into a room. They decided to do an IV infusion of antibiotics. I felt better and the redness was abating by the time I arrived home at 1:30 am.

I still feel as if a truck has run over me and have a high fever. I hope to be up to speed tomorrow for my interview with Pat Sloan. Click on the link in my sidebar to listen in or if you miss it live, you can catch me later. I am the second guest.

Took Me a Year…

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

to finish this quilt. The political scene last fall was making me feel as if I had awakened in an alternate universe where everything was upside down and in reverse. And thus was born this quilt. I used a freezer paper template to discharge the blue fabric. I began the saga of hand quilting all of the planets/moons in my fabricated universes. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to get this done. Today, I finished it, despite feeling quite awful. I have a virus with fever, aches and chills.

Here is a detail:

I added a bit of bling by using glass beads in the rings around the largest planets.

It feels good to have finished this. Now, I am going to take another Aleve and go hope I feel better tomorrow.