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Halfway Home

Monday, August 27th, 2012

We have left the California Coast and are in Ashland, OR, on the way home. I am ready for some time at home and in my studio.

We had a great time in California — hanging with the family. I got to see Paige, Mark and Jayme for an all too short time on Saturday. On Sunday, Lisa and Clay came by and it was great to see them.

On Friday, I spent some wonderful time with my friends that I used to hang out with when I lived in Santa Rosa. We had lunch and lots of talking at Janet’s home. She is 88 and an unbelievably energetic and happy woman.

Here she is, with my friend, Pam, in the background.

And here are Pat and Diane. Pat, Diane, Janet and Rita and I were the gang of five. We used to have so much fun together. They have added some new people to the group since I left.

On Friday night, the family went out to a great restaurant in Valley Ford which specializes in oysters. It was fun.

Saturday, was the birthday dinner which was catered. Here is the table with wine ready for guests.

Here is the caterer describing the menu.

Mark, Jayme and Paige came up for the afternoon and evening. Here is Paige with her second cousins.

Here is the birthday boy with his two grandchildren and the birthday cupcakes.

I brought Paige the Steiff bear that Mark had when he was a baby.

I also bought her this adorable chullo – a Peruvian hat!

On Saturday, the fog went away and we had a beautiful sunny day. It was perfect for a barbecue and fun on the beach.

Here are the rest of my 3 x 3’s for the last few days.