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Dye Fest Results

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

I had mixed results with my dyeing. But, dyeing is neverĀ  that bad because you can over-dye, print and discharge. The piece above was done my squirting dye. I was hoping for some watery colors. I like this cobalt blue piece.

I rejuvenated a stained white t-shirt.

These two pieces are really wow! They are silk organza. I poured 2 or 3 different dyes into the baggie.

The chartreuse came out nicely.

I love, love this cheddar color.

Here is a nice golden yellow. I really needed these colors in my stash.

Here is my china red piece, followed by a reddish orange piece.

And these are just a melange of dyes.

This one was all the left over dyes.

That bit of blue/turquoise was a drip, but it is kind of cool.

I found a box big enough for the 9 quilts I have to ship to Art Quilting Studio; it is used for shipping golf bags. We need to cut it down a bit. I have them ready to go except for fixing the box.

I started quilting the Rhythm and Hues piece.

I think the variegated thread adds to the rhythm.

Here is today’s 3 x 3.

I am totally whooped. It has been a busy week-end.