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Got My Cookin’ Groove Goin’ On

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Today, I started the cooking for the party on Saturday. I love doing this, but the last time I had a larger more well equipped kitchen so this has put a little crimp in my style and speed. I could have used two ovens today.

I made a batch of buttermilk rolls which will be used for sandwiches with freshly grilled pork and turkey tenderloins. Here they are rising:


And finished baking:


I have to make one more batch.

I made a triple batch of pecan tassies:


And a double batch of the family favorite, chocolate mint brownies.


And finally, caramelized onion focaccia – two of them. This is so good. The dough has mashed baking potatoes and the topping is red onions with balsamic vinegar.


Tomorrow, I will do more rolls, a roasted red onion, roma tomato, eggplant dip and some fudge wreaths.

M & M are spending the night so that Lisa and their parents can take in a movie. I think they will be here until mid-morning so I hope they don’t mind if I get some cooking time in.

Tomorrow afternoon, Lisa and I are going to REI to get rain gear. Mr C gave me a set that is the wrong size. Lisa needs some rain gear to protect her when she rides her scooter around San Francisco.

Lisa gave us this beautiful painting. You can see it here.


I will share some of my other great gifts later.

By the way, I am feeling so much better today. I think I have finally survived the latest bout of the crud.