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Its in the Bag

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


My Twelve X Twelve quilts, that is. We are shipping them off to Lark  to be photographed. Each of us has made a bag for our quilts to travel in. When they get to Australia, for the shows, they will be sorted by theme in each bag.

I used the fabric I bought the other day. It has several different motifs in one piece and I think it makes for a very nice bag. I decided not to waste my hand=dyed fabric on a bag. Here is the other side.


I photographed each one for the final time and burned a CD of the images.

Now, I have to start work on my chapter which will be about the making of my chair piece.

I had a busy day — taking Scooter to the groomer and a meeting and lunch. I think I have tomorrow free to finally get the pink piece finished.