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Not in a Rush

Saturday, December 19th, 2009


I still have packages to wrap and get in the mail, but I am staying cool, calm and collected and enjoying the season. Last night, we went across the street to the Reed College auditorium to hear a concert by the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus. It was fantastic — spiritual and hilarious.

I dyed a few scarves yesterday and did more today. The one above was laid flat on plastic and painted with a foam brush with black and citron. I love it. I splattered some black for more detail. Here are the others.

scarf1 scarf2

scarf3 scarf5


The last two were under-dyed with beige before I wrapped them on pvc and added more color.

I often find Scooter in the Dining Room staring out the window. We have squirrels who live in the trees so I think he is watching them.


Here is his view:


Not very exciting. Maybe he is watching cars go by on the street beyond the trees. The best thing is watching him play ball by himself. Wish I had a video camera!

Tomorrow, after church, I will wrap up stuff and put them in FedEx packages and drop them off on Monday. They will get to their destinations in time to be opened.