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Getting Better

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I felt enough better today to get out of my jammies, put on makeup, and get out of the house. First, I went to get my quarterly blood work done. All the test results were fantastically good. After breakfast, I took the Aspen quilt to the quilt shop in Lake Oswego. I think I was the last person to turn mine in.

I lost a day. I thought it was Farmer’s Market day, but no, that was yesterday! So, I went to our local organic grocery and did my shopping. I bought some figs which we grilled and stuffed with Gorgonzola for dinner. They were sooo good. I also took a half hour walk with Scooter and Mr C this morning and a very short walk this afternoon because it started raining.

This postcard came today. It is for Susan Lenz’s Decisions show. Look, there I am again. She said, she does not know why, but I ended up in all the advertising, even the banner that hangs outside the art center.

I received good news today. I have two pieces accepted into Art Quilts XV: Needleplay, which will be installed at the Chandler Center for the Arts and Vision Gallery. They have added additional space this year, I think, so the show seems larger. You can see the list of artists, here. These are my pieces that were accepted: Scorched Earth and Sunset Composition.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will feel even better.