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Feeling Grumpy

Monday, November 17th, 2008

This is my worst allergy time. I think it is from the mold that develops from the combination of falling leaves and falling rain. Today they were scooping them into piles and picking them up in big trucks to haul them out of our neighborhood. I think I should have stayed indoors because I am sure the mold was permeating the air. Anyway, I have a bad sinus headache.

Here is my other headache. I finished the quilting on the hillside houses. I was not thrilled with the color of thread I used for the sky. I wanted to use all heavy weight cotton and none of my shiny synthetics. Well, it looks like I will have to pull it all out anyway. Don’t you love unquilting? Here it is finished (I thought).

Now look at the back. This is a piece of Marimekko fabric I bought at Crate and Barrel:

See all those snarls at the top? Here is a close-up:

I didn’t notice this until I was all done. The problem is that wherever the snarls are, the quilting comes unstitched. I don’t know why this happened just in this section. You can see the line where I cut the back to make the pillow case turn. The sleeve will cover that. So I think I will head out tomorrow to find a better thread since I have to requilt it.

I think I am feeling out of sorts because I have been spending too much time by myself. I always get this way  just before it is time for STASH! I have this self-imposed work schedule to get enough pieces done for my solo show. I have been reading blogs of all my friends who are travelling, going to art gallery receptions, attending quilt shows, taking and teaching workshops, and I am feeling left behind. I know, I know — usually I am having great experiences. Thursday is STASH and Friday is Crit group at my house. That should feed my need for some social time.

I just have to post this link for all my knitting friends. You probably have seen it, but I think it is quite hysterical — knitting graffitti.

Saturday Stuff

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I am going to do a rare Saturday post. I have veggies roasting in the oven. Mr C is going to grill some turkey breast loins. M & M are arriving soon to have dinner with us and spend the night. Steph was worried that she was wearing out her babysitting time. I told her there is no limit, as long as I do not have plans. I always love to have them come by for some quality time with us.

I scored a great 12 X 12 quilt from the SAQA auction today. This is by Cathy Kleeman. I love her work. She got into Quilt National this year. I have a piece that will be in the third week of the auction. Here is the piece that I am adding to my collection:

I started quilting the hillside houses today. First, I fused it to the batting:

Then I sewed the back to this, right side facings and prepared it for the pillowcase turn. I add a length of wonder under to the wrong side of the backing along the top edge where the rod pocket will go. I cut a slit through the center of the paper and start turning.

Here it is turned and ready for quilting. Whoops, I just got a comment from Terry. She thinks I should have done a solid sky. Too late now! I considered it, but I really liked using the square in a square.

To complement this wonky quilt, I am doing wonky quilting.

I hope to finish this tomorrow and move on to another piece that is running around in my brain.

Thursday This and That

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

It has been quite a day. I managed to get some studio time in before I went to see my dermatologist. I had a suspicious mole on my arm. I now have a little hole on my arm as the mole is gone to be biopsied. While I was out and looking decent, I decided to stop in at Nordstrom to get fitted for new mastectomy bras and do a little shopping. I was so frustrated as the things that fit me were in the wrong color way for me. Purple!? It is the color of the season, I guess. I managed to come home with some very plain long sleeved t-shirts, a blue shirt and a brown pair of pants. I really want an orangy wool jacket. I will keep up the hunt.

After a couple of weeks of rainy, gray days, it was absolutely gorgeous today. I had to grab my camera and go on a photo walk before all the leaves are gone. Here is a sampling, you can see all of them on my this Flickr Set.

Any one know what these are?

I finished fusing my hillside house piece. I think that once it is quilted, it will be what I was imagining. I will do Mrs. Mel’s pillowcase finish so that I can keep the uneven edges. At this point, the pieces are fused together, but it has not been fused to batting. I have a large sheet of Teflon that I use for this.

Clean Sweep

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

I got an early start in the studio today so that I could clean up to start the next project. I started by folding and sorting all of the batiks that were covering every surface. Here are my piles with some semblance of order.

Here they are in their bins and  stored in the Ikea cabinet.

After a good sweeping of the scraps on the floor, I felt ready to forge ahead. First, I had to do some grocery shopping, get in a power walk in the rain and have lunch. Then, the creative block set in. I have had this piece roaming around in my head and showing up in my doodles for weeks. It is my attempt to abstract the hillside housing of Israel.

I decided to go with a simple square in a square — actually a wonky square in a wonky square. This is what I have so far. The fabric is all fused so I will eventually overlap and seal to batting.I used bright blue with yellow for the sky because the sun shines every day in Israel! But, I think I need to vary the sizes a little more.

I am unblocked and having fun with this. I had to quit to come up and watch Top Chef. New season, great food.

And now, a little mom brag. Lisa has one of her signature patchwork pillows in the new Stitch magazine, put out by Quilting Arts.

Batik Squares

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

I have all of my batik squares cut and on the design board. I will add an outer border of black and white which I could not fit on the portable design board. This is my project for evenings and stress times when I need to do  mindless strip piecing.

Now, I need to clean up the ubiquitous mess. I can never make something like this without piles of fabric every where. Here are my piles of batiks. I can’t believe  how many I have.

I also managed to get two of the facings done on the sunrise quilt. I was hand-sewing the facings at the Arts Commission meeting. I received lots of oohs and ahs. Felt good.