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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

I had a couple of bad days. Sunday, during church, I had a major sinusitis induced vertigo attack. I am sure the warmth and candles and lack of oxygen made it worse. I managed to exit before I passed out and the EMTs were called which has happened more than once during a church service!!

I spent Sunday trying not to move too quickly and took my meds, and I felt better yesterday. My next case of angst involves the 12 X 12 book. I am writing about my chair piece which has two photos I took back in 2005 in Sonoma, CA. The originals are missing. In fact, a search of both of my computers shows photos from late 2005 missing in action. I looked on my external hard-drive back up and nothing is there. I have the photos on my Flickr site but they are low resolution and not ok for printing.

I e-mailed the gracious and talented Gloria Hansen about my problem. She asked me to send her the low res photo and she used a program that she has that ups the resolution. I am hoping they are suitable for the book. I e-mailed them to Lark, and they will let me know. So, I am recovering from these physical and mental problems and now I am enjoying the holidays.

The photo up there is St Nick who made his annual appearance at the cathedral on Sunday. (I recovered enough to get his photo.)

Today, we took Mia and Miles out to lunch and to do a little shopping at the mall. We ate lunch at the Macaroni Grill. Miles had a good time drawing on the paper table topper.

Mia enjoyed the puzzle book.

We had a good time shopping and Grandma was exhausted by the time we got home.

Tonight, Mr C and I had dinner of popcorn and diet Coke at the movie theater, watching Up in the Air, which we loved. This film is iconic for our times in the same way The Graduate was when it was made. George Clooney is wonderful, sweet, vulnerable and gorgeous. What can I say — I love the man.

Not in a Rush

Saturday, December 19th, 2009


I still have packages to wrap and get in the mail, but I am staying cool, calm and collected and enjoying the season. Last night, we went across the street to the Reed College auditorium to hear a concert by the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus. It was fantastic — spiritual and hilarious.

I dyed a few scarves yesterday and did more today. The one above was laid flat on plastic and painted with a foam brush with black and citron. I love it. I splattered some black for more detail. Here are the others.

scarf1 scarf2

scarf3 scarf5


The last two were under-dyed with beige before I wrapped them on pvc and added more color.

I often find Scooter in the Dining Room staring out the window. We have squirrels who live in the trees so I think he is watching them.


Here is his view:


Not very exciting. Maybe he is watching cars go by on the street beyond the trees. The best thing is watching him play ball by himself. Wish I had a video camera!

Tomorrow, after church, I will wrap up stuff and put them in FedEx packages and drop them off on Monday. They will get to their destinations in time to be opened.

Mia is Ten!

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


Our little girl is growing up. I remember the day 10 years ago when she was born. I was there videotaping the event. Steph finally told me her name and I went home and knitted Miriam on the top of her Christmas stocking so that she would have it for her first Christmas a week later.

Today, she got her ears pierced and so she did all of these weird poses for me so that I could photograph her ears.



We went out for dinner at Papa Haydn which is renowned for their desserts. Mr C and I shared a very decadent pumpkin bread pudding.


Here is Steph photographing Mia and her cake, Buche de Noel.


It had a peppermint flavored white chocolate filling and was covered with frosted macaroons.


I am exhausted. I did not sleep well for a variety of reasons. I had to go to the lab early for routine blood work. Everything was just about perfect. I am doing well for an old lady. If I would lose 10-15 pounds, I would be perfect! Ha.


Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


This piece, Breaking Barriers, and several others were featured on The Textile Blog today. I am over the moon about the lovely post that the author, John Hopper, has written about my work.

I don’t know how he found me, but several months ago, he e-mailed and asked permission to use some of my work on his blog. I said, sure!! I started reading his blog every day, and I have seen some wonderful work and decided that he would surely forget about me. Then, today, he e-mailed to say that I was the subject of the day.

I think it is just the boost that I needed. I see now where my work is strongest and I will continue to pursue my “quiet landscapes.”

I am working like crazy to get my Christmas cards done and in the mail. I need to get moving and stop reveling in my excitement for awhile.

Enjoying the Season

Monday, December 14th, 2009


I love making my own Christmas cards. Sometimes I do fabric. Sometimes, I create something with photos and print. This year, I am screen printing and embellishing.

First, I drew a wreath with an India ink pen.


I created a thermofax screen. I printed the wreath on cards. I printed a message and our names on the inside first.


The card at the top of this post has glitter balls. This one is foiled. I found that foiling on the paper was difficult so I switched to Elmer’s glue and glitter.


I printed some on silk which I may stitch to cards or use for postcards.



This past week-end, we had lots of festive activities. I finished decorating the tree and adding some other holiday touches to the house.


M & M and their parents came over for homemade pizza last night. Milo has two front teeth missing. I tried to get him to grin so that I could take a photo. I got this photo that does not show the missing teeth. He is so darned cute!


I hope you are enjoying your holidays, too!